Monday, January 28, 2013

Have you ever faced an asari commando unit before?

The asari commandos are one of the best trained special forces in the known universe. They are powerful asari biotics who form the elite of the asari military. Often in the maiden stages of their lives, they usually fight in small groups using guerrilla tactics. Commandos dress in distinctive brown uniforms and are usually armed with shotguns or assault rifles. They are considered amongst the finest individual warriors in the galaxy, comparable to Krogan Battlemasters. This is a characteristic of a foot soldier in the ranks of the asari special forces.

Asari Commando
Initiative: 17
DR:9 KB:12 HP:32 DV:20 BDV:17 MDV:17 Brawling/Melee Damage:3
Dexterity 3D Knowledge 3D Mechanical 2D  Perception 4D Strength 3D Technical 2D Biotic:3D
Move 10
Brawling 3D+8
Melee 3D+8
Ranged 3D+12 (+18 when using shotgun or assault rifle)

Asari wear a special armor designed specially for the special forces, it can not be bought.

Special Abilities:
One of the weapon dependent combat talents.

Time Taken: none
Prerequisites: Grenades +9
This Talent allows a character to place a thrown grenade more precisely. Grenades thrown by the player have additional 1D damage.
Combat Armor
Time Taken: None
Prerequisites: Stamina +9
Lessen the penalties for wearing armor. You ignore the first -3 for Dexterity skills.
Shield Boost
Time Taken: action
Prerequisites: Combat Armor Talent
This Talent allows a character to recharge their failed shields. To activate, make a moderate roll Stamina. If successful, recharge your shields +3. For every 5 points above the difficulty, recharge another +3.
Time Taken: one round
Prerequisites: Biotic 1D
The main defensive Talent for Biotic Specialists is Barrier. With this skill a character can make one roll and if successful has the potential to negate damage. When activated roll your Barrier and Biotic. Note the total. When taking damage, the opponent rolls damage as normal and subtracts your roll for the Barrier Talent. Any remaining damage is rolled vs. the character's defense as normal. The Barrier protects the user from a 90 degree arc in front of him.
Time Taken: action
Prerequisites: Biotic 2D
Warp is a biotic talent that lowers the armor on a target, increasing the damage the enemy takes. Roll Biotic and Warp versus the targets defense (for characters Strength, vehicles hull). If successful, the target looses 50% of his armor DR. Additionally target takes +1D damage from all attacks against it. This power lasts one Round and one Round for every +5 against the target.
Time Taken: action
Prerequisites: Biotic 3D
This Talent allows a character to violently toss one object or person into the air. If used against another character or their weapon the defense roll is that character's Strength. If used against an object the difficulty is 10 for the first 25kg of the object and an additional 5 for every 25kg. If successful, the object or person is lifted to a height of D x 2 meters and floats there for the remainder of the round, falling back to the ground at the start of the next round. For every 5 points roll above the targets defense roll it floats in the air for an additional round. While floating a character must make a very difficult Dexterity test to do any actions. Lift has a range of Dx5 meters.

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