Saturday, January 26, 2013

Character Creation in Mass Effect Tabletop RPG

Character creation in Mass Effect d6 LeD is very simple. Take the attribute dice from the race template and distribute them between all attributes. Using the guidelines in the race description distribute 21 skill points among skills you want to have. Note that the number of skills under each attribute equals the total of dice before the governing attribute and the number of dice in knowledge. After that update you derived stats like hit points and defense values. At character creation the player gets all the talents for which the prerequisites are met at no cost. That's it!

To be fair the character won't be nearly as strong as commander Sheppard at the beginning of the first Mass Effect. So if You like your heroes to have more experience under their belt you should give them 30 or 40 points for skills to distribute. I like my players to start small and work their way to being a hero like Sheppard, but if You like to start at a specter level you should definitely allow more skill points at the beginning.

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