Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Have you lost your paragon?

I'm realy disapointed. BioWare has set a very high quality standard with their Mass Effect franchise but here the quality is medium at best. I expected much more from Production I.G. maybe somethig along the lines of "Samurai Champloo" or "Ghost in the Shell".
The animiation is not fluent and the detail of the drawings is like in a kids anime on cartoon network. The krogan look like toys and the "commandos" like teenagers. The computer generated backrounds are overall poor. The slowmo shots and dodgy action sequences don't make up for the weak one-liners.
The movie tells the story of events on Fehl Prime and what happened to Vega before Mass Effect 3. The plot is maybe the strongest point of this production. But the producers made a critical error letting it be directed by Astushi Takeuchi, who is maybe a great animation and cocneptual artist but he fails as a director completeley.
It's sad that the chance of getting to a broather audience through other media has been ruined.

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