Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Javik and other Protheans

After playing Mass Effect 3 I got inspired to incorporate
a prothean into my campaign.

Vern is one of the million protheans that supposed to wake up and lead the young races against the reapers. Due to
a massive power loss in the life pod systems most of the protheans did not survive the fifty thousand year long sleep. The pods were placed on remote worlds, some on the very edge of the known galaxy like Illos. Part of them where hidden on unhabited worlds, others on worlds habited by races with very small civilizational progress. The planets were carefully chosen so that the awakened protheans would have some kind of support for their fight against the Reapers. Many of the dormant were soldiers, others were scouts and scientists, most of them biotic, since the reapers were far more advanced technologicaly. On the chosen worlds, stashes of equipement were placed, vast databaks of valueble information stored and vaults
hidden to be used as base of operations. It is impossible to determine why the power supply failed, probably it was the work of the reapers or a design flaw of the system, but majoryty of the pods had to be shut down. VI's which kept overwatch over the operation, were programmed to perserve as many pods as possible, for as long as possible. The plan failed and only a hadfull of the million are still in stasis, many of them will never wake unless they are found.

There is no option to play a protheans for my players as I find it would be very difficult to balance protheans against other races. Javik seems to be of similar power level as others characters in Mass Effect but after hearing his comments in the game and reading the fluff in the wikia I decided that protheans should have an advantage over other species in the game. This is what I came up with.

Attribute Dice: 19D 
Dexterity: 2D+1/4D+1
Knowledge: 2D/4D
Mechanical: 2D/4D
Perception: 2D+2/4D+2
Strength: 2D/4D
Technical: 2D/4D
Move: 10/12

Unique Abilities
Awareness: Thanks to the two pairs of eyes the protheans are very aware of their surroundings giving them +3 bonus to initiative.

Thick Carapace: Protheans bodies are covered with a thick, layered carapace that gives them +2 to their natural damage resistance.

Experience Transfer: By touching something or someone, a Prothean can recall its experiences. This ability enables to transfer complex ideas, with a Prothean being capable of learning a new skill or foreign language with a single touch. Protheans may learn new skills at 1 point cost and may also recall experiences and memories of others by paying 1 character point. In that case the GM is required to disclose any information from the target to the player.

Imperial Guard: Due to the nature of the time period all adults were required to serve in the imperial military. All protheans start with +2 to Dexterity: Ranged, Strength: Melee, Knowledge: Tactics and Perception: Command skills (maximum of 6).

Synthetic Hatred: Protheans condemn all synthetic life forms, they believe it is the root of all evil that has befallen them. Protheans will go out of their way to destroy any synthetic.

Cosmic Imperative: Protheans believe it to be the driving force in the universe and that the strong must flourish by dominating the weak for the greater good of all. That is why they are very headstrong in their pursuits. It is almost impossible to persuade a prothean to change a chosen course of action(add 2 levels of difficulty to any standard roll).

Unique Equipement:
Kinetic Stasis: Protheans possess elaborate mass-effect defense grids using barrier curtains and a kind of personal defense shield that acts like an energy bubble. It surrounds and levitates the individual who activated it. While inside, the person is impervious to harm but helpless, similar to a biotic stasis field talent. The field lasts for 3 rounds and has a cool-down of 10 rounds.

Prothean Particle Rifle: Is a very unique weapon that cannot overheat. It has an effective fire range of 40 meters and a 300 shot capacity. Damage of this rifle is 5D+6.

Prothean Imperial Armor: The armor is an mixture of exotic alloys. It gives a great deal of protection retaining a lot of flexibility. Its DR is 8 and the kinetic barriers last 12 points of damage.

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