Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Big One

Geth Armature
The Geth Armature is a mobile anti-vehicle and anti-personnel unit employed in high-risk areas, often dropped directly from a Geth Dropship. Armatures are sentient, synthetic lifeforms capable of independent thought, learning and action. When inactive, Armatures fold into a compact state, allowing them to be packed into containers, or place themselves in small spaces. This feature, combined with their armaments, makes Armatures perfect for garrison forces or for ambushes. rmed with superior firepower and a Siege Pulse assault cannon, this geth is easily a match for the armored vehicles of other races. Its main armament is deadly but slow to recharge, but the Geth Armature compensates by knocking down infantry with a smaller secondary weapon.

Initiative: 8 (special)
DR:22 KB:16 HP:50 DV:20 BD:30
Ranged Weapons:4D+8
- Geth Pulse Rifle: Range:30m Damage:5D+3
- Siege Pulse Weapon Range:60m Damage:8D(+2D vs Organics)

Search:3D+9 (special)
Dexterity:4D Knowledge:1D Mechanical:3D Perception:3D Strength:8D Technical:2D
Move: 10
Synthetic: Geth are immune to poisons, gases, do not eat, drink or sleep and can survive in vaccum.
Network AI: For additional Geth beyond the 1st each gains +1 Search and +1 Initiative.
Technology Aptitude: All Geth get +6 to Secruity, Electronic Devices and Synthetics.
Shield Boost: Geth Prime regenerates full Kinetic Barriers every 2 rounds.

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