Monday, January 14, 2013

Mass Effect D6 Tabletop RPG

After playing Mass Effect back in 2008 I wanted more. As so happens I love RPG's (Role Playing Games) but unfortunately Bioware the creators of Mass Effect did not produce a tabletop version of their masterpiece. I've started to search the internet. At that time there was only one conversion for the Mass Effect setting made by the guys at
I always loved the WEG Star Wars RPG. It was great, rules light, quick and fun and guys at bozark made a Mass Effect game based on that belief, it had to be quick and fun.

There are many great systems and maybe even some are better for this space opera, but like I said the d6 appeals best to me and deep in my heart I'm an old school player and GM. The bozark core rules were very good, but I had the need to create some of my own homebrew and by the early December 2010 the first draft was ready the 0.99 version. The most recent document is 1.85 and has many changes and additions since the then, but it is still the same d6 system.
Here is the link to the current version of the rules I hope You'll enjoy:

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