Friday, January 18, 2013


Geth Prime (Red)
Geth Primes are heavy geth platforms that serve as command units on the battlefield. Larger and more powerful than any other geth infantry platform, Primes are equipped with heavy armor and shields, specialized abilities and a variety of deadly weapons.

Initiative: 10 (special)
DR:18 KB:12 HP:38 DV:18 BD:24
Ranged Weapons:4D+8
- Geth Pulse Rifle: Range:30m Damage:5D+3
- Geth Distortion Rocket Launcher Range:35m Damage:7D(5m)
Search:3D+9 (special)
Dexterity:4D Knowledge:1D Mechanical:2D Perception:3D Strength:6D Technical:1D
Move: 10
Synthetic: Geth are immune to poisons, gases, do not eat, drink or sleep and can survive in vacuum.
Network AI: For additional Geth beyond the 1st each gains +1 Search and +1 Initiative +1 Ranged.
Technology Aptitude: All Geth get +6 to Secruity, Electronic Devices and Synthetics.
Shield Boost: Geth Prime regenerates full Kinetic Barriers every 2 rounds.

Tech Talents:
Time Taken: action
3D+9 vs Willpower if successful the target cannot use any Biotic Talent for 2 rounds.

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