Monday, January 21, 2013

Zombies ... I mean Husks! (FIXED)

Husks are the aggressive, mindless foot soldiers of the Reaper armies. They are created by impaling either living or dead beings on mechanical spikes that rapidly extract water and trace minerals and replace them with cybernetics. These cybernetics reanimate the lifeless flesh and tissue, transforming the bodies into horrifying killing machines.
The Reapers use large groups of husks to overwhelm the enemy. The husks' inability to feel pain, as well as their tendency to attack in groups, makes them particularly deadly adversaries.

Human Husk
Initiative: 5
DR:2 KB:3 HP:27 DV:12 BD:18
Dexterity 2D Kowledge 0D Mechanical 0D Perception 2D+1 Strength 3D Technical 0D
Brawling 3D+8 Damage: 3D+8 
Climbing 2D+9 always versus easy.
Move 9

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