Monday, February 18, 2013

The Krogan Battlemaster

So yes, the krogan are superior to any other species on the battlefield. Maybe they are not so skilled with guns as other races but when it comes close combat, you will want to be somewhere else. Typical human or asari has no chance in melee or brawl with a krogan, so the trick is not to let them near you. It is not a mistake that I designed them to be a little overpowered compared to the rest of the races, but that is exactly why the salarians and the turians unleashed the genophage on the krogan species.
If you are GMing a group and one of the players wants to have a bioticly gifted krogan, think about it carefully. For one the krogan are extremely rare (1:1000000) and the biotics among them are almost an impossible occurrence. Than there is the team balance to consider, as the krogan will be possibly the toughest warrior in the group. The road to a true krogan battlemaster should be a long and dangerous one, filled with challenges and glorious battles. You have to remember that this species is divided into clans that wage war for supremacy with one another. After the genophage the fights became more fierce as the krogan had to fight for the fertile females, which are regarded as the highest good, an ultimate prize and a sign of status. The culture and psychology of the krogan pushes them to constant conflict as they are selfish and independent. Typical krogan respects only strength and looks always for a challenge, searching for a formidable foe that can be conquered. Honor as it is commonly understood is an empty phrase as they use any means necessary to archive their goals, deceit, murder and backstabbing are all accepted as a normal methods of battle. There are exceptions of course, but they are very rare.

Krogan Battlemaster
Initiative: 18
DR:18* KB:12* HP:38 DV:20 BDV:24 MDV:24 MD:14+6(battle cleaver)
Dexterity:3D Knowledge:2D Mechanical:1D Perception:3D Strength:6D Technical:1D
Move: 10
Biotic: 3D with talents mostly used for dealing damage
Fighting skills are in the range of 10-12 even up to 18
*with Warlord armor

As you can see the battlemaster has stats close to a vehicle.

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