Monday, March 25, 2013

A taste of things to come...

The update is coming really soon, but unfortunately due to limited time it will not feature the Tresher Maw and some requested enemies. The Geth are pretty much the same as presented here on the blog. The Reaper forces have been overhauled so the stats have changed, and I dropped all non canon creatures like the salarian husk. Mechs will feature the Rampart mech but I dropped the idea of introducing the Orca and Ogre mechs, from Mass Effect Infiltrator., sice they are almost the same as YMIR and LOKI. The mercenary corporations will feature Blood Pack, Blue Suns, CAT6, Eclipse and Talons. Asari Commando and the Krogan Battlemaster are also featured and updated, as are the Varren and Rachni. There will be also a new Biotic power called nova which is used by the Banshee. I don't know how long exactly it is going to take me, but I hope it won't be long. Here is a new Reaper unit taht will be featured in the 2.0 core rule book.

Cannibals are front-line Reaper units created from corrupted batarians. The nickname refers to their propensity to devour the bodies of fallen comrades. This triggers a biochemical process through which the cannibals spontaneously heal themselves and grow new chitinous armor. The transformation also appears to give cannibals a greater awareness of their surroundings, leading to more strategic behavior and careful use of battlefield cover.

Initiative: 5
DR:12 KB:0 HP:32 DV:12 BD:20
Dexterity 3D+1 Knowledge 0 Mechanical 0 Perception 3D Strength 4D Technical 0
Move 9
Ranged 3D+9        - Automatic Arm Cannon Range:30m Damage:5D
Brawling 4D+6 Damage: 4D+8
Cannibalize. Cannibals have the ability to regenerate health by consuming other fallen enemies on the battlefield. For every 2 rounds spent on eating corpses they gain 6 HP.
Frag Grenade. Cannibals may fire a frag grenade every 6 rounds. The grenade deals 5D damage on 3 meter radius, the range is 20 meters.

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