Friday, March 29, 2013

Mass Effect D6 Tabletop RPG 2.0

Finally the 2.0 is here! After some minor trouble with the Blogger I've managed to put up the new corebook. The new addition to the book is the "Friends and Foes. Mostly Foes!" chapter, a lineup of most prominent opponents and allies you may encounter in the Mass Effect universe and a new biotic talent called nova. There are also some changes to the rules like specializations which do not serve as a bonus for the main skill but are a separate free skill. Biotic talents: lift, throw and push have chaged and are more powerfull. Modding chapter has been redone so some weapons had to be changed. Of course I couldn't fit all the stuff I wanted into those 124 pages, but I can promise that updates will follow. Probably not as often as lately, but they will happen since it is impossible to remember all the stuff I want to put in the next version. I would like to bring the complete book but the fact is, that it's impossible. It's really crazy I remember the first draft was 47 pages long and now it's over 120 pages. I hope you will enjoy playing it like I had fun composing it. I am sure that this book will evolve and become much bigger as the Mass Effect universe grows each day, with new games, comics, books and maybe even a movie. As always I'm open to any ideas and suggestions for the next version. Here are the links to the new stuff:


  1. Well, I'll be the first to comment. Thanks for all your hard work, the game looks AWESOME!!! Great production values, and a good use of a solid, proven core system (D6). I'm looking forward to testing it out with my weekly game group. Keep up the good work!!!