Monday, March 18, 2013

Mass Effect Infiltrator

Mass Effect Infiltrator is an android/ios third person shooter. It's really cool that it may be linked to your Mass Effect game on other platforms, gathering intel can raise your galactic readiness. Besides that it's a really nice way to plunge into our beloved universe while waiting for a doctor appointment or riding a bus. The steering is not perfect but one can get used to it. The RPG element is non existent although you have few choices to make, they effect the color of your implants. There are two modes, the story mode and bonus missions, in the first you play as Randall Enzo, in the second as a turian prisoner. In both cases you fight your way through a secret Cerberus base , fighting off mechs, Cerberus operatives and other escapees. When you play as Randall you get to buy new weapons abilities and biotic powers, tailoring your character to your liking. When playing as the turian you have less options but still it may be appealing as it is harder to kill opponents. All in all Mass Effect Infiltrator is not a brilliant game, but like I mentioned before it is a great way to pass time and explore new places in the Mass Effect galaxy.

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