Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Change Log!

This is the list of new stuff and changes that are in works:
Warp Ammo will be introduced as a biotic talent, Cryo Ammo will be intorduced as a technical talent. Flashbang Grenade will be added  in the equipment chapter. The Collectors will be added to the Friends and Foes chapter. As for  changes the overload will be updated, armor weapon hardpoints will be added and geth movement and technical defense modified.
All the changes come from play testing.


  1. fist i like to praise you work, it's really good.
    but i have somethong to ask, are you going to add new powers like flare or dark channel?

    1. Thanks thats very nice of You!
      Yes and No. Some powers are too "videogam'y" to add them, and I'm having difficulties adding them in an tabletop rpg setting, flare is one of them. Maybe if you would have suggestions on how to balance them out and make them relevant I would gladly add them to the book. It's like I had the problem with ammo mods/talents in the first ME some ammo mods were mods and in ME2 and ME3 they are talents. I chose to make some of them mods and some of them talents because it seemed more fitting. Anyhow if you have a special wish I'll add flare and dark channel along with warp ammo and cryo ammo. Personally I would use pull and a proximity mine for the same devastating effect :D Ha ha!