Sunday, July 14, 2013

...or not

The guys at sharesand have some issues with keeping the file up so there's only the go!go! file link
Unofficial Mass Effect Tabletop RPG 2.20

If You experinence problems with the download just drop me an email and I'll send the file your way.


  1. Man, this is the Mass Effect RPG I was looking for. Some time ago I started messing around with different systems, trying to find the most fitting, but due to my limited expierience I couldn't get it "right". So, instead, I looked over the internet from time to time , only finding subpar conversions and stuff. But this hit the sweet spot for me. Very, very awesome.

  2. Looks pretty good, but it could use work in explaining things better. For example, the character creation pages don't go into anywhere near enough detail on what they are instructing, or they simply assume you already know how the pages work. I got stuck on the "assigning dice" thing, and it's the first paragraph in the book! I'm not sure what these dice are for. Do I assign them and then roll to see my attribute values? Do I roll them whenever I intend to do something in game? What is the point of assigning dice when the minimum required amounts eat up the vast majority anyway?

    There's a lot of potential here, and it looks nice, but it requires much refinement. Hopefully future updates, if there will be any, will correct this.

    1. I assume that anyone who plays my Mass Effect knows the D6 rules. I'm not going to explain everything. If you have problems with the system just read the D6 rules that are online and free to download.
      You just assign the dice. Yes You roll them when you intend to do something in the game. That's not accurate In many cases the minimums don't "eat up" all of the dice.
      If you have some specific problems with the book write me an email with all the questions and I'll try to simplify the rules even more.

  3. Can you please drop me a copy at

  4. Links do work properly (most of the time)