Saturday, March 9, 2013

Quick Q&A

First of all I would like to thank anyone that sends in feedback on things they like or don't. Every constructive critic is a welcome one, I may agree or disagree with some issues but still it helps.
1. Why no thermal clips?- That's easy I don't like them. First off, the GM and the Players don't have to plague themselves with the problem of ammo. Second I love the overheat mechanic which is way more effective and easier to run.
2. Why no enemy stats in core book?
- I think every GM should do this by himself as there are too many possibilities with all the talents and skills. There will be stats for NPCs on this blog taken from my adventures.
3. How do I get medals, renegade and paragon points.
- That is the job of a GM to reward those appropriately. But the mechanic of renegades and paragon points will change at some point as I am not entirely happy with it.
4. Types of armor and STR penalities.
- LA is light armor, MA is medium Armor, HA is heavy armor. The armors are just armors they do not have life support and can be only worn on worlds where no life support is needed. LS, MS and HS are suits which can be worn in space, they have life support, an hour of oxygen, mag boots and all the little mechanisms needed to survive in zero G environment. As for the STR penalties they come from the weight of the armor and same as the DEX penalties can be nullified with the Combat Armor talent.
5. Why isn't the book complete and when will it be?
- I am only one guy doing this in my free time, for fun. That's why! Also I think the rules will evolve endlessly since BIOWARE announced they are making new Mass Effect games.
6. There is stuff missing in the book.
- Yes there are still many issues and blank spots that I have to fill. But like I said, just one guy.

If you don't like some stuff in the book you are free to change it to suit you better! Also if you have any qestions drop me a line or comment!

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